Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to Gemini Finance - Business and personal finance for everyman

Welcome to my new blog, Gemini Finance.  It's goal is to be an interesting and entertaining read for personal finance, observations from the world of business, and general musings I think someone other than me will find interesting.  My goal is to make this little piece of cyberspace (1) interesting, (2) entertaining to read, and (3) hopefully informative on some level.

I welcome any comments on my thoughts - I don't claim to be an expert in any of the fields I post on, just my take on them and something I found interesting enough to write about.

It may help to learn a little bit about me and some of my interests regarding these fields I plan to post on.  I live in Birmingham, Alabama and work in the field of risk management.  But what I really do is solve problems, answer questions, and do my best to think the things that are put in front of me through to the best of my ability.  This aspect of my job is not unique to me - I'm sure there is some aspect of this in anyone's job - but I think my enjoyment of this aspect helps me to succeed at it, at least to some degree.

I enjoy reading books that make me think, and expand my understanding of fields of interest to me.  A couple of books come to mind:

I'm also a big fan of the periodicals "Fortune" and "Bloomberg BusinessWeek", so you may see me post on some topics they cover as well.  This is more than likely not coincidence, and I'll try and make it known my muse for the post if it comes to me.

Personally, I'm also a huge college football fan, so I can't rule out a post or two on this topic, although I'll do my best to give a business/finance slant to it (but, hey, I make no guarantees).   

I think you'll get to know me and my interests pretty well by following this journey that is Gemini Finance.  My hope is that will be fun for both me and you (the reader) and we'll both learn something - about finance and about ourselves.

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